Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #5

Yet another long and crazy day today.  But I survived, even though I got asked some weird/crazy questions at work.  Still more bonding with my co-worker which is happy and good in light of the frustrating things there sometimes - it's good to be reassured that I'm not crazy and it's really them :P  Tomorrow my sister comes back from Chicago.  I can't believe how time has flown by.  Hopefully she'll have a normal on-time flight even though she has a million things to pack and haul back here.  Oops.

Nothing too exciting today, but I'm dedicating today's photos to my crazy hammie sisters.  I always give them 2 TP cardboard rolls every time we clean their hamitat and their favorite part is to attack, rip and shred any remnants of TP off of them.  I've learned to leave a few squares on every roll just so they have something fun to play with every time.  I think since it's been so cold, they've decided that the TP makes great extra bedding to huddle together and stay warm so they mix the shredded bits up with their paper and aspen bedding.  The funny thing is, wherever I leave the rolls, they'll rip it off and build their nest right at that spot.  Check out this mess (and a hammie butt):

Silly hammies!  But I love them anyway.  Hammie sisters love each other so much that Zippy always helps Bella groom, too:

Go hammies!  They always make me smile :)

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