Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #29

Today we spent a few hours in the morning going to the Fullerton alumni baseball game so Matt could get some of his cards signed.   Then we met up with Daf and her new bf Josh at Portillo's in Buena Park for yumminess before our eagerly anticipated day at Disneyland!  It was SO much fun, and although I had thought Josh was joking earlier this week that he had a full bottle of Midori waiting for me, he seriously had a full bottle of Midori for me!  That was super nice of him and I wonder how he ever knew I liked Midori sours so much...hmm :)

The past few times we've gone to D-land/CA Adventure, we've been unable to win the Bullseye plush (from Toy Story) at the racing game on the CA Adventure boardwalk.  This time, we made it a mission to all play at the same time and increase our chances, since there were four of us.  Matt almost won the first time, but it turned out that Daf won him on our second try!  When the bell rang and it turned out her horse came in first, she started screaming especially when the guy gave her the prize.  Too funny!  I love him, though...Thanks Daf!  He's staring at me right now as I write this actually, haha.  Somehow she always manages to win the prize for me at CA Adventure - last time it was Dumbo and this time, Bullseye.  She must have the magic touch :)

It was a super fun day, though, and I can't wait when we can all go again soon once a lot of our busy and stressful crappy things are over, especially now that we all have annual passes!  We got to ride a bunch of rides and see fireworks and Fantasmic (the crowds weren't too bad and thinned out by the end of the night), and take silly pictures and share crazy stories along the way.  So much fun and more tasty treats to have soon! 

Daf also let me use her new Nikon DLSR camera a bit and I really liked how it felt and how easy it was to use.  I can't wait to have my own, hopefully pretty soon.

Oh yeah and for the record, hot peppers on the Portillo's Italian Beef sandwich are delicious!  I always thought they were sport peppers but really, it's a delicious giardiniera that was vinegary and crunchy with jalepenos, carrots, and the like.  I want another one just thinking about it right now.

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