Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #2

Happy Sunday!  Today was another cold and rainy one for us.  Not too sure what's been up with this LA weather the past few weeks.  It was pretty chill for us.  We decided to catch a movie in the afternoon and check out the new Arclight theater they opened up in Manhattan Beach.  They basically gutted out an already existing theater and renovated it into an Arclight that opened up in November.  I've only been to the Arclight in Hollywood once (to see 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' years ago) and it was fun.  This Arclight wasn't bad, but the parkng was a bit confusing to figure out (but thankfully it was free).

Matt's not big on movies so whenever we go, we tend to watch animated films.  I figure you're guaranteed to at least see something cute or funny which is better than ending up with a crap movie you blew a bunch of bucks on just to see.  Since it opened in November, I've wanted to see Disney's 'Tangled' so I bought our tickets.

If you're not familiar with Arclight, you can pre-purchase tix online and it's assigned seating - no need to go super early to fight people for seats anymore!)  Buying online also got me a $1 off each ticket.  Last row, aisle seat - score!

Concessions are a bit limited but they did include popcorn with real butter, fresh caramel corn, sausage baguettes with 2 sauces (one even being watermelon BBQ, I think) and smoothies.  Matt had a hot dog and I had some popcorn - of the butter and caramel variety.  I saw a segment on Food Network's 'The Best Thing I Ever Ate' claiming that this caramel corn was the best ever, so I had to try it for myself.

Although it's pretty tasty, I can't say it beats my all-time fav of Garrett's in Chicago.  Once you've had that, it's hard to find anything that even comes close.  The movie was fun, though, although it was a bit more sad than I thought it'd be.  But you can't really go wrong with Disney princesses and Rapunzel was definitely cute.  I think we'd go back to the Arclight since it's closer to us than AMCs are, but we don't see movies that often anyway.  Fun stuff though, and the night was capped off with some yummy Round Table pepperoni pizza, as always :)

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