Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #3

Happy Monday!  Today was so hard to wake up and be excited for work.  Plus it didn't help that it was dark, cold and rainy.  A Monday AND the first full week in a long time after being spoiled by all the holidays, bleh.

Today's photo is of the joyous book (and other assorted materials) I'll be spending some up close and personal time with during the next couple of months.

Looks super fun, right?  My Bar prep class officially starts today.  I opted for the online only version this time around and it actually works better for my schedule as it turns out.  The materials and lectures are the same as last time so I know to skip the lectures that weren't helpful the first time around.  I think my time would be better spent doing practice problems and reviewing rather than sitting around listening to gibberish.

Matt also showed up tonight with this:

We had seen this toy at Target for ages leading up to Christmas and I forgot how much Matt loved him.  When we went on Saturday, we saw he was on clearance and I totally forgot about him, but apparently Matt didn't.  So he went back tonight to get him and he's unbelievably happy and excited.  Boys are silly, right?  He does all sorts of crazy things, I guess, but the batteries haven't charged yet so we'll have to wait and see! 

On a slightly sad note, talking to a client today made me think about life and how fleeting things can be.  I think it also motivated me to study and pass the Bar, if only just because I feel like being an attorney would mean I could make a real difference in the world (or at least in someone's smaller world).  I also feel really thankful for my life and everyone in it...yeah totally emo, I know, but be sure to hug your loved ones today and every day!  It's always good to remember to feel appreciative for the simple things in life even if it takes some sadness to remind you sometimes. 

(Sorry for the bad grammar today, I'm not sure what's up with me.  Maybe I'm just tired.)

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