Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #8

Busy busy day!  We spent the entire day running around, from shopping to gathering groceries and stuff for the house at Target, to a fine feast at the end of the night that was delivered by not one, but TWO fine dining establishments for us to enjoy.  We were so hungry and starving that it all really hit the spot in our exhausted minds and tummies.  We also showed up so late to my sister's apartment complex that the parking rate was a flat rate of $5, SCORE.  Check out the big stash of stuff we managed to haul:

We sure were tired and starving after that:

So we were REALLY excited for our nommy late night meal - first up, Papa John's pepperoni pizza:

And deliciousness from TG Express:

We like egg rolls.  A LOT.

Salt and pepper squid with yummy jalapenos.

Sharing a large Thai iced tea, mmmm.

My favorite:  shrimp fried rice

All in all, a good day ending on a good night, even if it was long and exhausting.  Gotta love our adventures!

Oh, and check out the receipt from the TG Express order.  They sure gave my sister a funny name...

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