Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #19

Unexpectedly and abruptly, Matt's work stay in LA ended today and he had to leave for an undetermined amount of time to work out of town :(  I've been spoiled having him around 24/7 the past year so it'll be a real adjustment dealing with being apart again and the traveling just to see each other every weekend...I guess it'll be easier as time goes on, but having to say bye every time has never gotten easier even going into the 4th year that I've had to deal with this reality.  Hopefully things can change this year and he can find a new, stable, and stay-put job, or so I hope.  It's hit me hardest first since I'm the one who feels left behind, and he was too stressed out trying to pack that I don't think it's hit him yet.  It's actually been a sad day overall, dealing with this and then a pretty bad day at work.  Bummer.

He did leave me our special friends all gathered together, and Bigfoot is even sporting the T-shirt that he wore when we first met.  Aww.  It's sweet but didn't really help with my sadness, haha.  *sniffles*

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