Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #28

Matt returned Friday night (a little late) for a weekend visit.  He brought me a sandwich from Mr. Pickles!  Mmm...Mr. Pickles is this sandwich shop up north (although they do have one location in OC for now) and I think it's pretty nommy.  They use freshly baked breads and have this special garlic spread they put on the sandwiches, which you can sort of see as that yellow layer below the turkey.  The sandwich was still delicious even though it was a few hours after it was made.  That's a turkey and cheddar sandwich with everything on sourdough bread.  YUM.  They even give you a free freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with every sandwich!  It was definitely a good treat.  I wish they'd open one in the LA area, I'd probably go all the time.

He also brought me this early Valentine's Day friend:

Such a big monkey!  Matt found him at Walgreens and wanted to give him to me now since he had driven down and it would be easier than trying to carry him on the plane later, haha.  He's so soft and cuddly and so cute.  I love squeezing him.  He's seriously big but looks so cute just sitting here on the bed.  I mean really, look at his little face!  And he's clutching a rose, aww.

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