Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #31

Taco night!  Or, well, taco nachos.  Powdered taco seasoning mixes are hard on my tummy, but when I saw this recipe on Mel's Kitchen Cafe blog last year for homemade taco meat from scratch, I had to try it!  It's been my go-to recipe any time I've been craving tacos ever since.  It's so easy and so tasty.

I add a good amount of jalapenos (this time fresh but sometimes a diced can) to give it a kick and I add a bit more tomato sauce (the can I bought from TJs was 15 oz rather than the 8 oz she has in the recipe).  But it's perfect for topping tortilla or corn chips for nachos.  Yum!

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