Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #14

I always wanted an orchid, and when I stopped by Ikea on the way home from work to buy a bamboo plant for my office, I saw this beauty and I had to have her!  They even make special orchid pots now which I took as a sign that I should get it for sure :)  The pot has a raised center inside for the orchid container to ‘sit’ on it, and it makes it easier to lift in and out for giving the plant a water bath.

Isn’t she pretty?  There were some beautiful white ones, too, but I loved the richness of this one.  And it sorta felt like the flowers were looking at me quizzically and asking me, ‘why aren’t you taking me with you?’  HA.  Hope I have enough of a green thumb to keep her alive and blooming.  I love how it looks in my apt already.

p.s.  I also loved how Ikea was dead on a Friday night, it made looking at things and getting around SO much easier.  I've been to that one during the weekends and it's hellish.  I do not, however, like that they only have self-checkouts open there now.  I can never get the scanner to work!!  Especially since the majority of things have plastic coverings and it's impossible for the scanner to read the bar codes, ugh.  I always look like an idiot until a poor worker has to come and help me.

But I did find some cute stuff, like jars so I can make some marinated goodies like feta and mozzarella, and I got some cute boxes to clean up the pile of mess Matt always makes with receipts, etc., all over the floor.  While cleaning, I found $3, score! I also found a cute metal laundry bag/hamper with wheels that I thought would be super cute to store yarn projects while I'm working on them so I don't have skeins of yarn flopping around everywhere.  It has a flap cover, too, so dust can stay out.  However, once I came home and tried to put it together, I realized that the entire frame is metal and it needs to be hammered together (multiple times) which is no good when you live in an apt.  And it was also 9pm.  I'll probably have to take it down to the parking garage and hammer it there sometime during the day if/when I want to put it together.  Great.

p.s.s.  I was looking at a shelving unit with multiple cubicles and dreaming of future crafty storage when I flipped the tag over and for some reason, it made me laugh (sorry for the poor picture quality, I snapped it with my phone's camera):

See, it's 'good to know' that 'two people are needed to assembly this furniture.'   I think it's funnier because I hear it in my head as being said in a super fobby voice, too :)

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