Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #24

Cool things in the mail today:

Feb. 2011 edition of SD Zoo's ZOONOOZ, that, as Zoo members, we get a free subscription for the year.  The magazine is monthly and always includes fun news and info about things happening at the Zoo, with the animals, and at the SD Zoo Safari Park.  I love receiving it every month!  I'm always learning new things about what's happening at the park and interesting information about the animals, from their background stories to seeing zoo babies, aww.

This month's edition included the above article, about changes to Panda Canyon.  It's a long letter but the snippet I found most interesting was this:

Construction begins this spring to create a Chinese wildlife walk, with authentic elements along a trail that leads to the existing panda viewing areas. along the way visitors will encounter new exhibits for Sichuan takins, red pandas, and the Mangshan pit viper, which is found in the mountains of China. Stands of bamboo, stone bridges, and a small village with a panda field research camp provide interactive opportunities for guests and a glimpse into the life of a giant panda researcher. Visitors will also discover more about pandas, including spotting the signs of pandas that researchers look for, what a mother giant panda seeks out as a den to raise her cub, the many types of bamboo that pandas rely on, and how important forests are to pandas,both ecologically and behaviorally. these elements will all be a part of phase one of this project, which will be completed this summer.  Phase two, which we hope to build by 2012, will add an exhibit for red-crowned cranes and a treehouse climbing structure for kids to explore, among other discoveries.

How cool is that??  The pandas will still be on display during the construction, but access to the area will vary depending on the building and equipment needs.  All of this will be built to the left of the current entrance to the exhibit and I think it's going to look awesome in the summer when it's done.  Can't wait!

There was also this page:

Look at that trip to China, and to see/interact with pandas (May 15-28, 2011)!

If you've ever dreamed of cuddling a giant panda cub, this grand tour of china is the ideal adventure! You will have ample opportunities to encounter these endearing black-and-white bears at giant panda breeding centers in Chengdu, as well as at Wolong's satellite panda base, Bi Feng Xia, which celebrated 16 panda births last year. In addition, you will visit mystical Tibet and one of the world's most beautiful national parks, Juizhaigou.

Too bad the cost is $6,530 plus airfare, plus $1,990 for the Shanghai extension and $2,290 for the Zian extension.  What an awesome experience, though.

This also arrived today:

I had a super crummy day last week and cheered myself up with this purchase.  It's from my lovely Etsy friend Lauren of jerseymaids.  It's an extra long necklace (30") with a real working pocketwatch and a polaroid image that Lauren photographed and placed into a silver bezel.  I already own a different pocketwatch pendant in brass and I love it so much, and this one in silver with its unique photo bezel was equally adorable!  Can't wait to wear it soon :)

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