Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #21

A weekend and upcoming week by myself means time for groceries so I can cook my meals!  If you know me, you know how terribly picky of an eater Matt is so I sometimes sacrifice a lot when it comes to my meals.  But I hit up Trader Joe's after work yesterday and bought ingredients to make chicken schwarma and chicken tikka masala this weekend.

While there, I saw these babies in the frozen food section:

Falafels always make me think of my mom (hi mommy!) who has fallen in love with them since about last year.  These little guys had so much promise...but would they be tasty?

Frozen out of the bag

Hot out of the oven

So how were they?  Sadly, they were just ok.  I expected them to be softer but the chickpeas weren't pureed smoothly enough so it was somewhat dry and chunky.  The flavor was also heavily parsley and not much else, maybe some garlic.  Disappointing!  But oh well, they were worth a try.  Stuff at TJs is sometimes hit or miss and I have found a lot of hits that make up for the shortcomings.

TJs also was selling a ton of orchids and baby orchids and after the orchid I bought at Ikea (that has since bloomed 2-3 additional flowers, hehe), I couldn't resist a baby orchid!  They're sitting together right now and look super cute.  The baby orchid has white flowers tinged in pink.  Orchid obsession! :)  I'll need to take another picture later of the newest addition once it gets settled in.

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