Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #9

Newest obsession:  The Body Shop.

I had tried stuff from The Body Shop when I was in college and thought it was ok.  I liked their oil diffusers and used one to add some lovely fragrance to my apt when I first lived here.  But lately, I've been noticing that I'm getting older (ugh) and my skin isn't doing as well as it used to and I've become a bit paranoid that I haven't been protecting it enough from the harsh elements of nature.  So back to The Body Shop I went to try out their Seaweed line, made for people with combination skin like me - oily T-zone but really dry cheeks.  I've been really impressed!  And I like feeling like I'm taking care of my skin (plus it's great to not have skin that hurts and to feel like a giant oil slick sometimes).

They've been having an awesome sale post-holidays and yesterday I tried out their body lotion and I love it!!  Not only do they smell amazing (the strawberry, grapefruit and satsuma scents are body lotion purees, YUM) but unlike most lotions that I usually hate using, they're not greasy and I don't feel like I'm leaving sticky residue everywhere I go.  Even Matt, who hates anything frou frou, said it made his skin feel less winter itchy and it felt nice.  Go figure!

So go out and give these babies a try...I'm wearing grapefruit on my hands right now and they smell so good that I almost want to take a bite out of myself, haha.

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