Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #4

Long day...from being roped into a wild goose chase at the end of the workday which resulted in some unpleasantness to running around looking for Matt's joe's o's for dinner, I'm totally pooped.  I did bond with one of my co-workers today so that was a major plus.  Note to self:  the TJs near my apt, although close, sucks and never has anything I want or need.  Too bad I had to backtrack and go to the other one I had already passed on the way home.  Go with instinct next time!

I managed to salvage a bad situation and popped into the Old Navy after I gathered up the o's.  I found some cute stuff on clearance!  Which is perfect now that I'm mostly shopping with 'work clothes' in mind.  And with the gift cards I've earned over the past few months, I got a big chunk of my clearance items for free basically :)  Also, Valentine's Day is around the corner and they had some cute little plushies at the checkout.  I couldn't resist this face:

A cute little monkey for my monkey :)  His name is Casanova.  Ooo la la.

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