Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bar exam, day two

Survived day two!  It's always a relief to have a multiple choice day in the middle, it's a good break from a lot of writing and typing.  At least this morning started off with some hot water unlike yesterday haha.  I thought the morning session went ok but the afternoon session really dragged on!  I think everyone was pretty tired because it seemed we all shared the same sentiments.

My favorite thing about the multiple choice questions is how bizarre they can make the fact patterns.  Sometimes, they're so off the wall that I want to laugh in the middle of the exam!  My favorites are usually the ones about people who own wild animals as pets, sometimes the things that happen to these 'people' in the questions are just so crazy.  I have no idea how they come up with this stuff, some sick and twisted minds maybe :P

Anyway, just one more day to go and then I get to go home.  That's always a weird feeling.  I get to used to this routine and then I have to go home.  In a way, it's nice to be away and have this 'me time' to focus on things, but I know it'll also be good to be back home again.

p.s.  I have no idea if they ever look at the exam booklets again or just run the answer sheets for scoring, but...umm...someone might discover a sweet surprise (pun intended) if they do look because when I got frustrated or worn down by some of the questions around hours 4 and 5, I may have done some fun doodles to take my mind off things for a minute and re-focus.  Doodles such as one of a cupcake.  With a cherry on top.  AND a cute little smiley face.  Surprise! :)  Haha.

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