Thursday, March 1, 2012

bar exam, day three - aka, it's done!

Well, it's finally done.  Feels weird and...well, just weird.  I think it's really jarring to live out of a hotel room and do the same thing all day long, come, go, rinse, repeat...everything blends together after a while.

Today's portions were ok.  I don't know.  It's hard not to feel numb after a while.  The essays weren't great but at least the performance test, as opposed to Tuesday's, seemed manageable.  And it was a more positive way to end.  (I am also glad to be rid of the annoying dude who was sitting in front of me, he would not quit trying to talk to me about nonsense.  Bleh.)

It's funny to see all the different types of people who take the exam.  Just general age, backgrounds, etc.  Some people, I can't help but think, you want to be an attorney?  Who knows how things turned out...after a short hiatus, I think I'm going to start studying again.  If there is a next time, I'm thinking about trying out the BarMax app which seems to have positive reviews.  This BarBri stuff is/was just not very good materials-wise.  Just too generic and not enough oomph.  I think everyone feels the same after, just lost and confused.  And most of us were repeaters rather than first timers so we're even more clueless.  As we say to each other in the end, "it's been fun but I hope I never have to see you again, no offense."

Being a repeater obviously sucks, but I think it also gives you perspective on the exam experience.  The first time, you get all worked up and nervous and freaked out and it's a really horrible experience.  By the latter time(s), you feel like a pro and it's not so scary anymore.  You only worry about what topics they'll test you on, since it's such a nasty surprise usually, but it's nice to feel calm about things.  Well, until frustration sets in again if you find out later that you didn't pass and you realize you have to do it all over again, haha.  But, hey, a year ago, I took the exam and a week later, my hair started falling out like crazy - scary.  So, I guess I have a better perspective on things.  I can try my best and do what I can, and be happy that I'm employed, am relatively healthy, and have lots of great and supportive friends and family.  The exam is just something to be conquered and it will be eventually.  Have to enjoy life and every day I get to wake up and live it!  Good stuff.

Right now, I'm waiting for traffic to die down but I'm packing in a bit then heading home.  I'm going to miss living out of this suite but it'll be good to be home.  I'm looking forward to a nice night of rest.  Tomorrow, Matt and I have tickets to see the Lakers/Kings game, and we're planning on going a bit early before the game to have dinner at El Cholo near Staples Center and then head to the game.  Mmm, El Cholo makes the best blended margaritas!  I'm not too sure what the weekend will entail, but hopefully something fun and relaxing.  I *must* finish the ami I was working on for my co-worker/friend so I can give him to her on Monday when I head back to the office.  After being in a daze for the last week and a half, it'll be quite the adjustment to be back in the office.  My calendar for March is already full so it'll be a very busy month already, and who knows what else has been going on there since I've been gone.  Fingers crossed that everything is ok!

Time to pack up! :)

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