Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I found this ridiculous little dude seat-belted into my passenger seat when I left for work this morning - haha!  I wasn't expecting so it really scared me.  But cute, huh?  I also got a card and some Dove chocolates, mm. 

Matt and I are pretty busy during the week so we decided to wait until the weekend to 'celebrate.'  Nothing too crazy, probably going out to eat somewhere and then some shopping to buy more appropriate (read:  formal) gifts.  We usually don't go too crazy, but I do like how this day is a good day for just spreading the love to everyone, not just romantically.  And you can't go wrong with all the cute decor, patterns, and designs that are out there on merchandise, too cute!  My mom also sent heart-shaped Malnati's deep dish pizzas and I can't wait to eat them, nom nom nom.  Thanks mom! 

Hope you enjoyed your lovely day!

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