Sunday, February 5, 2012

fugu for me, fugu for you

Happy Sunday!  It's been a busy and productive weekend.  Matt learned he unexpectedly had to go up north to Eureka for some weekend work so he's been gone since Friday, boo.  So much driving!  You can look on a map to see just how far Eureka is...he might as well have been driving to Oregon, yeesh.  

Anyway, it's been a quiet and peaceful weekend for me, one that I've spent indoors and in PJs, woohoo.  It's been busy, though - cleaning, cooking, studying, doing laundry...phew.  I took a crafty break to make these fugu (aka pufferfish) though, aren't they adorable?  The pattern was a little finicky, particularly for the tail and fins, but I thought they came out super cute anyway.  I had intended to make the first pair (lower set) for Matt for Valentine's Day, but then I liked them so much, I made a pair for Daf and her new car, who also happens to be named Fugu!  I've been invaded by fugu :)

Aww, so sweet!  Fugu in love :)

Earlier this week I was finishing a different amigurumi for my co-worker/friend, but after he was done, I decided he didn't look quite right! What a bummer :/  The way the pattern is written is awkward and I just wasn't feeling he was quite right to give to her.  Matt, of course, loves when my ami come out crazy, the jankier and weirder the better, so he claimed the ami for himself and wouldn't let him go - ha!  I'm re-working the pattern to my liking so it'll come out the way I want and perfect for gifting.  But here's Matt's little Mr. Crab, haha:

He's cute and awkward, isn't he?  I think his body needs to lie flat with the eyes on top and the claws coming out of the sides.  This version is too 'tall' to me, but I still like him anyway :)

The Super Bowl just ended and I managed to win the 1st quarter and halftime of my Super Bowl pool, yay!  Not too bad if I do say so myself :)  Did you watch the game?  I only checked on the score, and saw some of the half-time show.  It's too bad tomorrow is Monday already...why can't weekends be longer?

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