Friday, November 5, 2010

need to focus

Tomorrow morning, I'm taking this ridiculous ethics exam for the *third* time.  I need to pass this exam as part of my requirements for the CA State Bar and it's super annoying that I haven't passed it yet.  I mean really, how hard is it to think ethically?  And it's just a 60 question multiple choice exam (10 questions don't even count)...Apparently, it's hard for me!  

I haven't been able to focus as much as I would've liked.  I'd like to blame it on the 90+ degree weather the past few days in November of all things, but I think I've been unfocused about a lot of things over the past few weeks.  Apartment is as disorganized as ever, my shop still isn't open, I haven't reviewed a single law-related thing (to the point now that even studying this ONE subject feels like I'm reading and trying to learn a foreign language)...What the heck happened?  I really haven't been good about keeping a schedule and with so many ideas and thoughts swimming around in my head, I should've known better.  And with Bar results coming out in 2 weeks, I'll need to get myself back on track ASAP once I know my fate.  Besides that, I should be on track as it is now!

Having to study and ignore crafting has made me sad and I know I really need to find a happy medium between studying and crafting, if I have to re-study for the Bar again.  I need to be organized about my life!

Tomorrow will be dedicated to taking this exam in the morning and yet another USC football home game at night.  But Sunday, I'm planning on building my handmade light box so I can take better photos for my shop listings (jewelry is a butt to photograph, lemme tell you) and going through all of my crafting supplies to check out everything I've accumulated, organize things into bins, and plan out some ideas and get cracking.  Lately, I've had some ideas for some smaller plush, hair accessories, and ornaments - like for a holiday tree or even just for decorating.  Jewelry and bigger plush have higher price points for the cost of materials and the time it can take to make them, but I think offering some smaller things at lower price points will be fun for me to make and sell.  Easier, too!  I'm not planning on selling anything that's not already ready to ship - it'd be too stressful to list something and say it'll take me (x) time to fabricate and what if it doesn't end up looking like the photos?  I think it'd be better to say, this is what I have and I can ship it right out.  Especially since I'm anticipating a bunch of stuff being one of a kind, since I want to shake things up and have a nice variety.  I bought some fun supplies this week that I'm waiting to arrive and I can't wait to play around and experiment.

But for now, I need to prepare for this exam and leave the craft dreaming for tomorrow after the exam is over.  I am having serious craft withdrawal and maybe I needed this break to re-focus and be overflowing with ideas and motivation.  However, I will leave you with this, which usually brings a smile to my face and you know, on some days, you just really want to yell or scream at the top of your lungs for no reason, maybe just out of frustration with the world or yourself - don't you ever feel this way, too?

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