Thursday, November 11, 2010

watch out disneyland! we be a-comin'...

Living in LA for the past 10 years, I've been spoiled having Disneyland basically in my backyard.  During college, I was fortunate enough to have an annual pass and being that one of my good friends also had one, we went just about once a month for quality bonding time and memories I still cherish today.

My sister has always loved Disneyland just as much as me, and I was always excited whenever my family would visit LA because it meant we could squeeze in a day to go and have an awesome time together.  Ok, that's an understatement.  We are *CRAZY* about Disneyland.  Never would I dream that years later, my sister would also come to school in LA at my alma mater and we could go to Disneyland whenever we wanted!  

Today, it was confirmed that my sister will finally be getting an annual pass after her Fall semester ends.  I am beyond excited!!!!  This time of year is always a favorite of ours anyway with Christmas just around the corner, and Disneyland has an even more magical feel (if that's even possible) than normal.  My bf and I have been passholders for the past 2 years and I can't wait for her to come on board.  Being a passholder really relieves the stress of getting your full money's worth when you're planning for and paying for a single day ticket.  It's such sweet freedom to come and go as you please from the happiest place one earth!

There are so many things we love about Disneyland, it's too hard to even know where to begin a list.  Characters, rides, funny cast members, FOOD......I can't wait!  I wonder how many times we can go before the end of this year alone, and with her Spring semester schedule involving no classes on Friday, I think we'll be there a LOT.  I'm already predicting we'll be celebrating her 21st birthday next year there, too!  I'm totally going to have them give her a birthday pin, hehe.

In honor of the upcoming fun, here are some of my favorite pictures and memories from the past few years, including some holiday pics through the years.  Most of them were taken by me, but I think there are a couple that are my sister's.  She'll be getting an awesome new camera for Christmas and I can't wait for us to take some epic and awesome pics during the next year.  Enjoy!  And no doubt there are many more pictures, memories, fun headgear/headbands/santa hats, laughter and very full bellies ahead! :D

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