Thursday, November 4, 2010

panda love

I love the SD Zoo pandas so much, and I was thrilled last week to learn that Zoo Atlanta's 13 year old panda Lun Lun was expecting a cub any day now.

Then, in the wee hours of the morning (5:39 a.m. EST) on Wednesday, November 3rd, Lun Lun gave birth to her third cub!  This precious photo was captured of Lun Lun cradling her cub and placed on the Zoo Atlanta site.  (Story here:  Zoo Atlanta - Giant Panda Born)  Momma and baby appear to be happy and healthy.

The Associated Press also circulated a fabulous video of the birth itself (Lun Lun gives birth to third cub).  Love the baby's squeaking and Lun Lun's growl!  But adorable that she craddled her cub so quickly after birth.  

After watching Baby Yun Zi grow up and admiring all of the SD Zoo pandas, it's interesting to see the differences between our pandas and Zoo Atlanta's.  Panda love and fandom continues to grow strong! :)

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