Friday, October 29, 2010

macro setting, where have you been all my life?

Today, I finally decided that it'd be a great idea to take some photos of the items I've made so I could put them into an album titled 'coming soon' on the Facebook page I made for my Etsy shop.  (Are you a fan yet?  You should be!)

I rushed to get everything set up before the sunlight disappeared and spent an hour just snapping random pics, figuring that something would look good.  I uploaded them later...and they were a mess!!  I was so disappointed and upset that I didn't have a better camera.

So, I did some research online and was really kicking myself for not having read my camera's manual way back when - now I'm not sure where I put it and the versions I found online only remind me that my model is already outdated.  But after playing around a little...I discovered...MACRO.  How did I not know about this all my life??  Granted, all the pics I ever take are random ones of me, my family, friends, animals at the zoo...but I always wondered why the pics of my crafts never looked great.  I just assumed it was that everyone must be using awesome and expensive cameras when really, it was my own fault for not exploring all the features my camera has to offer!  Go figure.

Now I'm actually excited to try taking some pics again with my newfound *magic* and hopefully, they'll come out looking great.  I'm not sure if the sunlight is doing it for me and I've noticed that the overhead lighting I have in the kitchen is pure white and true to natural light, so I might try snapping some pics under both conditions as an experiment and see which I like better.  I saw some instructions online on building your own light box using foam board, tissue paper, and lamps, but we'll see if I need to get so 'high tech.'  I just can't wait to take some pictures that are actually clear, sharp, and show off the lovelies I've created.  So even if I'm slow to arrive at the macro party that everyone's probably known about forever, I'm happy to be in the know FINALLY.

I am bummed, though, that I've taken so many blah customer appreciation photos for the lovely sellers I've purchased from and uploaded as part of my feedback for them.  If I had known about macro sooner, those pictures would've been a LOT better, plus I would've used webresizer to scale them down so they'd look awesome.  Etsy doesn't allow me to update those photos (which I wished it did because a few failed to upload properly and now my feedback has a blank photo attached to it, ugh).  I'm sorry fellow Etsians!  I truly love those items I purchased from you, even if I couldn't show you properly.  Good intentions, failed execution.  Total operator error - never jump to the conclusion to blame the machines, right?  It's usually the operator's fault.  I guess I've learned my lesson and I still owe some people customer appreciation photos for my newest purchases, so they will be awesome.

Here's a pic of my first attempt using macro tonight on a purchase I received in the mail today.  You have no idea just how excited I was that it came out so well.  I received this ring from the lovely Amy of ThirtySixTen on Etsy - double twisted band, crown setting, oxidized, 10mm high dome labradorite with a TON of flash...that I actually managed to capture with my little camera!

Gorgeous!  I can't wait to take pictures of my newest purchases from my lovely Etsy friends...and even go back and re-do some of the failed customer appreciation photos from before.  Even if I can't fix them on Etsy, at least I can pay proper thanks here, right?  Stay tuned! :)

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