Monday, October 4, 2010


This is Lightning, isn't she so sweet?  She's a little kitty that started showing up at my bf's parents' house a few weeks ago.  His dad swore that the 2 cats they already have would be their last pets, but then this angelic face showed up and he was smitten.  Can you blame him? 

My bf and I tried to figure it out but we're pretty sure she's a girl.  She's super shy so no one has been able to get too close to her without her hiding around a corner or ducking out of the way, but she's really inquisitive and loves to eat - a girl after my own heart!  So we've been feeding her all sorts of goodies and she's getting bigger and bigger.  We aren't really sure where she goes sometimes but I think she's starting to feel more at home as she's chosen 'her spot' under a tree in front of the house to lie in and stay cool.  I still remember when she was so little and scared.  She's a lot friendlier now, and is willing to come closer to you, especially when it's feeding time!  Hee hee.  I often find her at night just waiting on the doorstep, staring at me with her big green eyes.  She's still a bit too shy to come into the house, but I got her to at least sit in the doorway.  I snuck in a little petting when I fed her last weekend when we were there, but she wasn't too pleased, oops.  Maybe one day!

I loved Lightning so much that I just had to re-create her into plushie form, complete with her big green eyes and the little patch of white fur on her chest.

I thought she came out great!  After I made her, it happened to be close to my bf's dad's birthday so I made another one to gift to him since he loves this little kitten so much.  It was great to give a handmade gift that went over so well! :)

And yes, I'm planning to offer Lightning in my shop so you can have your own Lightning plushie, too!  I have a LOT of plushies to work on - my goal is still to try to open by mid-month.  Lots of work to do but I appreciate everyone's patience and I know I'm excited.  I hope you are, too :D

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