Thursday, May 27, 2010

birthday fun

Happy (early) birthday Ms. Wendy!  I should've spent the day studying but instead, I made a silver lariat necklace with crystal quartz and marquis-shaped prehnite (photos to come soon) and this penguin card. My new little friend is the paper equivalent of a crochet amigurumi who still needs to be assembled as a part of the gift (oops).  This little guy needs to be holding a 'Happy Birthday' sign and a special message inside and then he's ready for giving tomorrow night!  

Enough crafting for today; time to hit the books again.  It was fun while I could do it...I really need to be better about waking up early to watch lectures online and study, then take a lunch/craft break before hitting the books again at night.  I hope I can get on the right track next week after the Memorial Day weekend! :)

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