Sunday, May 16, 2010


The big day is finally here! Maybe that's why I'm awake so early, I guess I couldn't sleep that well. (I probably have Zippy and Bella to thank for that. Not only is poor Bella injured, but they were running in the wheel and it was banging against the glass. There's nothing like a hammie 'alarm' to wake you up...)

In a way, I'm not sure where the 3 years went and I'm not sure whether to be excited or sad. On one hand, I can't believe that I actually made it and it felt like it flew by so fast and on the other, I think I might actually miss seeing my friends every day. (I might actually even miss seeing some of the crazies from my classes, strange as that sounds.) Something about being a student is nice, like having to avoid the 'real world,' such as the Bar and looking for a job, etc. But I think it's time to move on. There is the Bar to prep for, and I'm excited that I can just spend my days focusing on studying/prepping for it and not dealing with balancing classes and finals. And so many crafty creations and pretty jewelry to be created! Plus there's Photoshop to learn, an Etsy shop to be developed, and more blogging to do...Yup, it's definitely time to move on. I just want the ceremony today to be over with and to celebrate with my friends and family, then for everything to be fine so I can officially receive my diploma and J.D.

The journey, of course, hasn't been easy and at some times (ok, a LOT of times), frustrating and disappointing. But, I think I've learned a lot and I've made some great friends along the way who I hope one day, we'll look back on our law school days when we're all attorneys and laugh about how silly things were 'back in the old days.'

Last night at dinner with my families, I couldn't help but look around the table and feel amazed at the circumstances that led to all of us to be at that same table at that very moment. It's funny how things turn out, or how people enter into your life and shape who you are overall. I love them all so much! I'm so grateful and honored that everyone is in town to celebrate my big day, and that my friends are able to come, too. I hope I don't disappoint them, but I guess I have to have faith that it will all be ok, as things tend to turn out. I made it this far, right?

On a sidenote, thank goodness that our school colors are purple and white. Unfortunately, my 'lumos' hood is not so much 'lumos'-y as it is essentially a large drapey connected scarf. Boo.

Time to start getting ready! I hope the ceremony goes smoothly and I don't fall down on stage!

Further embarrassed.

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  1. oh dang, i was gonna draw a lumos on your card. i'll work on that.

    and to sum up the day: BYEAH!!