Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dear journal

Dear Journal, a day...that will!

Well, ok, not so much, but today is the day that I wake up and actually do something with my life.

BarBri, we're about to become really good friends (or, in the very least, frenemies) since I've neglected you for 2 weeks now and we have a lot to catch up on and to learn about each other and a little less than 2 months to do it in.  Please don't let me down.

Ami and jewelry, you will be created.  I'm tired of drowning in skeins of yarn and staring lovingly at (and playing with) a sparkly box of gems but have nothing to wear to show for it.  After all this time, have I really not made a single thing for myself?

And you, dear Journal, I'm sorry I've neglected you for so long.  I used to write in my journal almost every night throughout college, even though it was mostly gibberish and technically I typed it in a MS Word password protected document (ha).  I had a professor once who told me that keeping a journal was one of the best things I could do because maybe down the line, I'd re-read parts of it and find some amazing inspiration for a good book or even pieces I could use in it.  Somehow, that always inspired me to want to write down EVERYTHING.

Then somehow, life got away from me.  I watched SATC 2 just a few weeks ago and I was so inspired by thoughts of friendship, love, and inspiration, and I just didn't have the opportunity to commit any of those beautiful thoughts into type.  That makes me sad; I grew up writing all the time, got a B.A. in Journalism, and then I just quit writing?  (Crappy law school essays don't count.)  Years ago, when I was first working after college, I discovered and fell in love with SATC on DVD, and what I loved most was that Carrie, as the lead character, was a writer.  I really related to her for some reason, maybe because I loved her glamorous (but sometimes crazy) fashion choices, her fabulous shoes, or the fact that we sort of thought alike about the world, love, and relationships.  I dreamt of owning a Mac like her and writing about all those things that make the world go round - like having good girlfriends for life, finding love, relationships, drama, craziness, all those snarky things in life.  And here I am, 6 years since that time when I first met and fell in love with Carrie and those SATC girls, since I've gone from using a PC to a Mac just like I always wished, and since I've even gone from being single to finding my Mr. Big, yet I've somehow managed to neglect a part of what really makes me who I am.  I mean, seriously, they've even managed to do 6 seasons of the show and 2 major motion pictures in this time span!

So, before life blurs by yet again, I must devote myself to my writing.  We have a lot of things to catch up on, you and me, and I'm sure a lot of crazy things coming ahead no doubt.  Let's laugh, cry, and be crazy together!  Just like old times :)

xoxo, L

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