Sunday, May 27, 2012

new beginnings

Lots of changes have sure been happening this weekend!

I finally upgraded my phone after 3 years to an iPhone.  I'm mostly really excited because I think it will make things easier for me to capture more photos/moments on-the-go and share them since obviously I am SO bad at pulling out a camera and then uploading the pics onto my computer later.  Hopefully this will allow me to blog more often, like my goal of daily/every other day.  Feels great to have new technology at the tip of my fingers :)

Funny Siri story:  I attempted to show Matt how cool she is that she can help me 'write' text messages when I speak to her.  I proudly spoke to her and said 'hi monkey' and after a few moments, she spit out my message in type as 'I eat meat.'  ....FAIL.

We spent Saturday helping Daf and Josh move into their new apartment.  It was a long day full of fun, laughter, sweat, frustration (at times - looking at you, Ikea), but much success in the end.  (Pics from my iPhone with filters I used on the Instagram app to *jazz* them up.)  

Taking a breather in the living room mid-move

Showing off the chandelier... fun!

I was glad we were able to help out and it was a really great feeling at the end of the night after everything was finally done.  Phew!  So excited for them that they were able to find a cute and roomy place in just a few days and that everything worked out in the end.  Looking forward to the (hopefully near) future when we'll also be able to move to a new and bigger place, too.  Dinner parties complete with lots of yummy food made by yours truly - yeah!

Today has been a lazy day.  While at Ikea yesterday (and dangit, I never took a hilarious picture of us there considering our misadventures), I bought an awesome shelving unit that I decided would be perfect to organize all of my beautiful handbags.  I spent today cleaning out junk so I could build it up and get everything organized.  After a few hours, many bags of trash, and almost killing myself when I slipped and fell crashing into everything (I'm ok but currently pretty sore, ugh), it's all set up and looks awesome!  I'm so happy.  Yay!

Tomorrow will be yet another relaxing day.  Planning on heading to the mall to snag a few things I need but then taking it easy the rest of the day to enjoy the extra day off.  Next Saturday is actually Matt's birthday... Do you have any gift ideas because I sure am clueless on what to give him.  We have some unexpected plans in place thanks to his parents but that will be shared later ;)  Good times!

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