Tuesday, January 1, 2013

hello 2013!

Being silly on It's A Small World Holiday (Disneyland, of course!)

Happy 2013!  As this previous year finally comes to a close, it's time to start the new year fresh and begin blogging once again.

Everything about this last year was challenging, exhausting, and stressful, so it definitely feels really good to get a 'fresh start.'  Here's hoping for new and great things this year!  (Looking at you, Year of the Dragon...)

Nothing felt better than having a long 4-day weekend... one that actually started off early on Friday since we were allowed to leave work at 3p - woo!  Saturday we braved the crowds (which turned out to not be too bad) at Disneyland.  Sunday we met with my friend/co-worker at Disneyland for our usual Sunday vinylmation trading at Downtown Disney.  
We even had time to get some lunch at Earl of Sandwich, which I've been dying to try.  I had the special Holiday Turkey Sandwich (basically, Thanksgiving dinner on a roll... I was even surprised that I didn't mind and actually liked the little bit of cranberry), potato salad, and a brownie creme sandwich (chewy brownies made with Ghirardelli chocolate sandwiched with chocolate creme - essentially frosting), all of which I've read about before and it was all delicious.  Even Matt, who is not always a fan of toasted sandwiches, liked his turkey and swiss sandwich.  I'm just excited to have another tasty food option at Downtown Disney.

 Earl's Holiday Turkey Sandwich - yum!

Monday, we met with my Norcal/Stanford alum cousins for Korean BBQ for dinner (they were visiting for the Rose Bowl game today) and it was great to catch up.  Clearly, I am an old person though because my actual NYE night was pretty lame - I barely stayed up until midnight and fell asleep soon thereafter, not much celebrating done around here and I didn't even have a drink to toast the occasion lol. 

Today has also been equally lazy... I meant to do some things like bake some chocolate chip cookies or have a major crafting day but I just couldn't get things going.  I did have Matt help me pick up a tray of pint-sized mason jars which I've always wanted - for crafting and kitchen purposes.  Can't wait to see what I can do with those!  I think I'm mostly sad that the long weekend is coming to a close (felt too quick yet again!) and am trying to avoid thinking about going to work tomorrow (ho-hum) so I spent the majority of the day watching sports, napping, and reading.  Very relaxing but it would've been good to be more productive.  Ah well, I think it's never bad to ease into a new year... Just have to live in the moment sometimes!  

And it feels really good to be back in the blogging world... especially with a new blog design :)

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