Wednesday, August 11, 2010

say hello to my new lil friend

Say hello to Mr. Lizard!  He's my new little plushie friend.  Bf saw a pattern for him in my 'Cute Dolls' book by Aranzi Aronzo and asked me to make him.  He's made from anti-pill fleece (rather than jersey as the book suggests) and I filled his tummy and tail full of some pellets so he'd be able to sit upright a bit easier.  He doesn't have an official name yet but Mr. Lizard might stick - any suggestions are welcomed!

Because I used a pattern, I won't be selling him on Etsy, but making this plushie reminded me how fun it is to make new little friends!  I have to work some more on my drawings but I hope to make a lot of fun little friends and bring them to life for my Etsy shop.  I've also been tackling with a necklace design I can't seem to get right (it's pretty but doesn't function properly as it constantly gets tangled and doesn't sit right when I wear it).  I hope to fix that today.

Oh, and know what else is funny?  Bf has been so inspired by seeing cute things on Etsy that he's started to sketch his own drawings for plushies, too.  He's created quite the series of characters and now we have the materials to make them, so no doubt he'll be cutting out some patterns soon and having me help him sew them together.  I hope I can figure out the sewing machine soon so he can sew them himself!  When did our household become this crafty?? :)

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