Saturday, August 28, 2010

saturday night fun

Tonight is my first night at home in such a long time.  While enjoying the peaceful night, I randomly decided to make this lil fried egg for fun:

Cute, huh?  The free pattern is from the lovely blog of Ana Paula Rimoli (find it here:

I've been stuck working on a crochet lamb for a friend.  I bought the pattern from a fellow Etsian and it has definitely been a challenge!  There are some unusual stitches within the pattern and although it's been frustrating at times (and resulted in me unraveling precious work I thought I completed or having to start completely over), I think it's been good practice and has helped me work through some unfamiliar crochet territory.  I hope it'll look great when it's finally done!  I finished the main body parts and am just working on the arms, legs, and ears at this point.  Then I get to assemble it!  *fingers crossed*

Because of the lamb, and my general laziness, I haven't made progress on my Etsy shop at all.  The weeklong road trip to Portland and Seattle last week really took its toll on me and I've been sluggish and dragging my feet all week.  I really need to get on track next week!  I'm still aiming for a September shop opening and hope that will be true.  I was convinced before that I wanted so much stuff to be perfect before I opened, but now that just seems silly.  I can't promote any work without anything posted!  Duh. I want to work on a small inventory to have on hand and I'll post those things, then gradually work on new items and add those every few days or so.  I can always work on other things once I have items posted - like improving my overall shop look, getting business cards, etc.  I'm not sure why I keep holding back.  I really just need to make items to sell, take good pictures, and create my shop policies.  It doesn't have to be perfect right away but I have to have at least *something* in the shop to promote.

The goals for next week are to make some jewelry (some designs which I've had in my head for a while) and figure out how to work my sewing machine.  Once I get that working, then I can work on plushies, bags, etc.  It's always slow to get going each day but I think once I start the process on Monday, I'll be motivated to keep going!  My desk (aka work area) needs a major cleaning anyway.

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