Tuesday, January 8, 2013

weekend fun

Our weekend was spent doing some random things.

First up, the Clippers vs. Lakers game on Friday night.  I had bought a pair of tix for this Clippers home game for Matt for Christmas so he was super excited.  I was concerned because although the tix were marked 'first row of section,' the actual tix said we were in Row 6?  Huh?  But, as it turned out, Row 6 was elevated and partitioned of slightly from Rows 1-5 so it really was the front of the section!  Also, for whatever reason, there was a LOT of leg room, which was awesome.  No one ended up sitting in the seats on either side of us so that was even better.

Hi Clippers!

The Clippers were ahead for most of the game but blew the lead in the 4th quarter.  But leave it to Chris Paul to save the day so the Clippers were victorious in the end, 107-102 - yay!  PHEW.

Clippers victory!

We even saw it fitting to celebrate by bringing Blake Griffin home...

This looks absolutely nothing like him, but I think he's cool nevertheless haha :)

On Saturday, we had a tasty lunch at Curry House in Torrance en route to running some errands around town, nothing too exciting.  Nothing like filling one's belly full of curry and chicken katsu!

On Sunday, we headed to the Disney area yet again for more vinylmation trading (and Earl of Sandwich sammies that Matt seems to really love).  We've been picking up my friend/co-worker at her house to make things easier to meet up and save on parking.  Our favorite part of doing that is seeing her dog who is so sweet and adorable.  We arrived too early and found him ready and waiting for us at the front window...

Heehee, we see you Spin!

We didn't have too much luck trading, but that's ok.  It was a nice weekend anyway!  And it's been pretty hard re-adjusting to the first full week of work post-holidays so needless to say, I'm already for this coming weekend :)

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