Wednesday, January 2, 2013

an amigurumi christmas

This year, I decided to crochet some amigurumi for my co-workers.  Want to take a peek?

A narwhal for my good friend - she already named him Nathaniel! :)

A sweet cupcake for my sweet-loving friend.

A Christmas pickle for someone silly... If you don't know the story of good luck associated with Christmas pickle ornaments, you should read about it!  I love this one's little face and think that's what make him so him haha.

A coffee cup for my boss... I heard blue was her favorite color.

A sweet penguin for the mommy-to-be... I was also inspired to make her a little something for Baby S. (That we just found out will be a girl!  And she's due just a few days past my own b-day... Here's hoping we might share a b-day heehee.)....

A sweet little baby bear hat for Baby S.I could not get over how cute and small this turned out.  I thought about adding a pink bow but Matt and I agreed it looked too cluttered/heavy so I left it off.  I heard the mommy-to-be loved this hat so much that it almost made her cry - oops!

I'm glad everyone loved their gifts and it made me especially happy because I love making people smile.  There's nothing like making and giving a special handmade item! 

Patterns from Ana Paula Rimoli's amigurumi books, Pickle ornament by Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches, and the newborn teddy hat pattern courtesy of All About Ami's tumblr.

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