Sunday, April 29, 2012

out with the old, in with the new

This is what happened this past Thursday night:

Bye Jeep :(

Hello Big Jeep! :)

And then I'm reminded of all of the things that have been happening, changing... which I have not had the time or energy to post about at all.  Sigh.  Where did the time go?

Things are still busy and crazy now and will be for the next month or so.  But, as always, I guess I just have to find a way to find 'me time' and not just focus only on having to get things done all the time, being everywhere at once, etc.  Finally, at least, I have a day to myself to spend at home and try to get my life back into order.

Things that have been happening over the past 2 months:

~ I turned 30!  Yup, the start of a new decade.  My mom flew into town for both my birthday and Daf's Culture Night and it was a whole lot of fun.  And yummy foods haha.

~ Matt's mom had an art show in San Pedro so they came to town to celebrate my birthday belatedly and it was good times as always.  Here's the link to the PDF of the artists in the show, her painting is near the bottom since the artists are alphabetical order.  Fabulous, isn't it?  As always.

~ Lots of people have been celebrating bdays lately, too.  Daf celebrated hers 2 weeks prior to mine, and we enjoyed a fun day of dim sum and games at Dave & Busters.  Always good times with Daf and Josh!  Can't wait until everything is settled down this summer hopefully and we can enjoy fun times together more consistently, and even go on some trips.  (Looking at you, San Diego, Vegas...)

~ Matt's mom also celebrated a bday this past week.  We went up to celebrate with her and her friends last weekend.  Always a blast!

~ Work has been incredibly busy.  Discovery requests have been pouring in and deadlines have been piling up all together.  There are some days that I really hate defense counsel.  Especially when they send me stacks of requests.  With hundreds of requests.  All due on the same day.  Thanks a lot!

This weekend, Matt and I participated with members of my law firm for the Aplastic Anemia & MDS Hope Steps & A Cure Walk (which our firm was a sponsor).  It was really fun!  And always great to do some charity work.  Some of my co-workers participated in the 5k run in the morning, but we only participated in the walk later that morning.  The weather was perfect and the walk was right along the water.  Awesome to raise awareness and funds.  Afterwards, we went to the USC v. Oregon State baseball game with my co-worker/friend (who went to Oregon State).  All the years I went to USC and I had never been to a USC baseball game, strange.  Happy to report a USC victory though, haha.  Then we (Matt and I) had dinner with Josh and Daf at O Dae San - love it!  I have Josh to thank for making me love Korean BBQ and handling all the ordering/cooking like a pro.  Too bad we were all pretty exhausted and starving so we ate too fast then got food coma :)  Can't wait until we can go again soon!  Once a month tradition? ;)

The work week ahead will be pretty crazy... Actually things will be pretty crazy up until Daf's graduation which isn't so far away at this point.  Both my parents and Matt's parents will be coming into town for all the festivities.  There are just a lot of changes coming... good ones, but things always feel kinda crazy when a lot of things are up in the air at the moment, e.g., Matt's job, Daf's job, Josh and Daf's housing situation... One day, I'll look back at this time and laugh about it, I think, like 'hey, remember when things were so crazy and it felt all weird?'  But for now, it just feels weird!  I don't really like change, I guess, and just hope everything will be ok. 

It also is my favorite time of year with NBA Playoffs having started... and between the Walk and the baseball game, we caught the final quarter or so of the Bulls game.  And, much to my horror and disappointment, we watched the Derrick Rose season-ending injury happen live :(  I just feel so utterly heartbroken, feel terrible for him, the team, the city... and as such a die-hard fan, I'm just sad and disappointed.  The show must go on and he wouldn't want everyone to pity him but you also can't help it.  He's really had a lot of terrible luck this shortened season, huh?  But, you can only take one game at a time and we can only hope he'll recover quickly and be back to his old self whenever he returns next season.  Bummer he'll miss the summer Olympics, though, which he was also looking forward to so much.

That's too sad of a note to leave on.  Hmm.  Well, I'm hopeful in the coming months to get back into crochet (I've done some here and there lately) and really work on my knitting (I'm not sure why I always scare myself off?) and start some awesome cross-stitch projects.  Maybe I'll dabble in some today while some playoff games are happening.  We have some things to do around the apartment (like laundry and cleaning some pets) but other than that, I'm looking forward to just getting life back into order.  Or some semblance of order at least :)

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