Monday, March 5, 2012

easy peasy baked risotto

How good does this look??  It may feel like summer in LA but I saw this recipe for baked lemon risotto this morning and considering that I haven't been having nice, tasty home-cooked meals, I knew I had to make this for dinner.

I normally don't have a thing for risotto and thinking about slaving over a hot stove stirring, stirring, stirring is never enticing.  But Joy's method is all about putting this risotto in the oven and baking it, requiring just some stirring in the pan.  Genius!

I rushed to Trader Joe's after work to pick up the ingredients I didn't have, e.g., the arborio rice and parm cheese, and I decided to have this alongisde some baked lemon pepper chicken breasts.  It may be super hot in LA and now my apartment is super stuffy, but I just pulled this pan out of the oven and snuck in a taste while I'm waiting for it to cool down a bit and it is DELICIOUS.  I had to add a little extra water near the end of the cooking process, more than the recipe calls for, because the rice soaked everything up before getting perfectly soft, but it finished nicely.  The flavors are lemony, creamy, savory and just a little spicy from the red pepper flakes.  Yum.  I can't wait to eat this in just a few minutes.  Totally worth the hot apartment, sweating, and late dinner.

I love Joy the Baker's blog and have been reading it for years.  Joy has such a lovely way with words and her recipes, usually sweet, always look amazing and tasty.  I still haven't had the chance to try her mini pretzel dogs which look oh-so good. 

Joy just had her cookbook published and it just came out last week!  I ordered it a few days ago and should be getting it sometime this week.  I can't wait to see what's in store and try out more recipes.  No doubt that they'll be just as tasty as this one.

Now, it's time to eat... Go make yourself some baked lemon risotto, too! :)

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