Monday, September 19, 2011

oh-so busy...and ready for fall!

Sometimes Mondays make me a little crabby......


Actually, today wasn't so bad but it was definitely Bizarre - yes, with a capital B.  Things have been hard with our team since a lot of people are gone, thanks to surgery, maternity leave, and just plain ol' quitting.  Just a few of us are left to run the show and it's definitely been interesting.  I was anticipating a busy week and then a bit of a breather...until a pile of greens (the discovery questions I need to respond to from defense counsel comes printed on green paper) about 3 inches thick found their way into my inbox.  I took a quick glance at one of the 10+ documents and there were 229 questions alone for me to respond to in just that one document for one client.  Hmph!!  I think there are at least 1,000 questions to object and respond to for a plethora of clients and they're all due by mid-October.  Awesome.  Thanks a lot, defense counsel!  You can guess who's on my #$@! list these days.

The above photo was taken by me in the wee Saturday morning hours on Virginia Beach during our vacation to the east coast in July.  How cool is this little guy, just sitting on the sand and chilling?  That trip was hot and humid as hell, but I do miss being on vacation right about now.  

This past weekend was less busy/hectic than usual but I still have no idea where it went!  Friday was pretty bad - not only was I exhausted from the week, but Matt had a day's worth of work in San Diego - where he even commuted from LA to San Diego and back.  In the end, he was up for nearly 24 hours, yeesh.  Saturday was devoted to USC football of course and thankfully, the game was later in the day.  In the end, in the words of Dr. Bartner:  "Band...........we killed 'em!!! ............ We're 3 and 0!!!!!" 

Sunday had no plans whatsoever so we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves.  We ended up at a card shop of sorts so Matt could buy more baseball card supplies to organize all of his cards, then we stopped by the mall since it was nearby.  It was a total zoo, but fun to just walk around a bit.  Plus Matt finally got his hands on an Angry Bird plush in a claw machine, too.  Don't know Angry Birds?  It's this amazingly addictive puzzle game where you launch angry birds (some have special abilities, too) at structures where evil pigs (who stole their eggs) are hiding out.  Sounds silly but it's totally fabulous and actually really cute.  The Angry Birds eluded us in the claw machines in Vegas (they're too round to stay put in the claw usually) but Matt managed to snag one this time around.  I never knew but his favorite bird is the bomb bird, and when we saw this guy in a store window in passing, he had to have him!:

Please excuse my awkward face, haha.  I still have patterns I found online for creating all of the Angry Birds and I'll get to them eventually.  There's just too much going on with work, studying, and crafts.  If only there were more hours in a day (and more energy to go along with it)!!

Weather has been cooling down here and it's reminding me of all the great things to look forward to with the arrival of Fall:  football; baking; wearing sweaters, hoodies, and boots; my parents' visit for USC Parents Weekend; our annual trip to Arizona; crisp cool weather; Disneyland decked out for Halloween and later, Christmas; being able to drink hot tea again without melting into a puddle; and the holidays just around the corner!!  I'm not sure where the year went per se and it's all gone so quickly as of late, but it's definitely my favorite time of year at the moment.  Gotta enjoy every moment you can!

What are you excited for this Fall?

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