Wednesday, August 3, 2011

life back on track

Things have been unfortunately busy which has not helped the whole slew of photos I still need to upload off my camera and blog posts that still need to be written.  Food has been cooked, adorable purchases were made, and places have been visited - yet I haven't had the chance to write about any of them!  I'm planning for a big crafty weekend and staying home to relax, so hopefully updating everything at that time.  I'll also want to sew up some new curtains with adorable monkey fabric I purchased last weekend, work on some plush (hello, Angry Birds!), do a little more de-cluttering, and hopefully print out some pictures for my office and practice some knitting.  Phew!  It really stinks when there's so much you want to do and just not enough time (or energy) to do it in.  Lately I've been feeling pretty inspired, too, but I just can't find the time to get my act together.   I can't wait to get caught up on everything...and life in general. 

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