Thursday, June 2, 2011

happy birthday, matt!

Today is Matt's birthday!  Unfortunately, there was no celebrating today since he's still up north and I'm still down south.  Boo.  However, he'll be arriving for the weekend yet again and celebrations must commence!  I've been bugging him for a week to figure out what he wants to do.  Of course, he's indecisive and not at all helpful, but for now, he says some time at the beach (and tide pools!) might be nice.  Let's hope the weather holds up!  I'd love to give my DSLR a workout outside with such beautiful scenery.  I'll have to ponder other festivities and/or a nice meal, too. 

Matt already opened his birthday gift last weekend, but I didn't get the chance to take a picture of him with it.  He loved it, so I'll say it was a success!  The ingredients above are for the surprise I'm planning to make for him tomorrow after I get off work and while he's driving down. I developed the idea solely in my head, but I hope I'll be able to execute it and that it'll be an awesome (and delicious) treat when it's done and he arrives.  I'll be documenting the process - fingers crossed! :)

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