Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

Well, Daf, Matt and I really goofed it up this year and completely failed to make arrangements to get nice things for my mom and his mom for Mother's Day.  Ugh, failures.  How lame are we??  But, of course, we are super appreciative and thankful for our moms even if we have nothing tangible or gift-like to show for it.  We hope they've both had a wonderful Mother's Day!  We enjoyed a Lakers loss (swept by the Mavericks out of the playoffs!) but an unfortunate Bulls loss (sigh).  I just got my new knitting needles and books yesterday when I hung out with Daf yesterday (WOOHOO for shopping and Souplantation) so maybe I can make something soon :)  Love you mommy!

The upcoming week looks pretty calm.  I have plans to see two of my college friends for dinner one night and USC graduation is on Friday.  Although it looks like it's shaping up that Daf and I will hang out like old times the following week for a Glee-athon and assorted misadventures and food.  YAY!   Plus, Matt's parents will be here in two weeks to visit us in LA and we'll all be going to Disneyland.  Whee!  It's nice to have things to look forward to, can't wait! :)

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