Wednesday, April 13, 2011

smile, i'm thinking of you

Of course, I meant to write sooner than a week after my birthday but things have been so busy!  Work was unbelievably hectic last week so I was stressed out to the max - what a way to celebrate my birthday AND not good for my alopecia.  My scalp felt like it was on fire for a few days and hair shed was awful, ugh.  Thankfully, a nice weekend calmed me down and the work got done so it was a real relief.  

I had a nice birthday, but it wasn't all that eventful.  I spent the actual day watching my Bulls beat the Celtics and relaxed.  On Friday night, Matt, Daf, Josh and I went to dinner in Downtown Disney and then spent about an hour in Disneyland - we kicked butt on Buzz Lightyear about 3 times, haha, and then rode on Pirates of the Caribbean for the last ride of the night.  Although the cast member at City Hall wasn't the most enthused when I got my birthday pin, he did offer me 3 other pins for my fellow celebrators to commemorate celebrating with me!  I can't wait until the summer festivities start up and we'll all have more free time so we can go for longer, fuller days.  For end of the night birthday treats, Daf bought me a birthday caramel apple AND we shared a Rocky Road Dazzler from Haagen Dazs, which I've always wanted to try.  Yummy!  

Matt and I spent a quiet Saturday visiting one of his card shops and doing some light shopping at the Beverly Center.  (I wanted to check out a cute pair of ballet flats - success!)  We intended to go to Benihana's for dinner, but time got away from us and it got too late so we ended up having Taco Bell instead.  Oops.  Hopefully we'll get to go soon, I've been craving me some Benihana yumminess.  On Sunday, we enjoyed part of the Bulls vs. Magic game (yet another Bulls victory), went to Lake Elsinore for a baseball game, and after getting Portillo's for dinner, came back to watch the Lakers vs. Thunder game (a lovely LOSS for the Lakers).  Awesome day.

I had received some lovely cards and goodies for my birthday, but I wanted to take pics to share.  I've been so busy at home that I haven't had the chance to go and do that yet.  Today we actually had the April babies birthday cake at work and it turned out to be a fairly delicious white cake with whipped cream and strawberries.  Bummer that I got an end piece though so I didn't have as many strawberries that I would've liked, oops, but it was still tasty anyway.  You know that Seinfeld episode where Elaine's work has a million cakes for every celebration?  Yeah, we're kinda like that.  I was beginning to have cake withdrawals from us not having anything to celebrate lately.  

Anyway, I meant to share these pictures wayyy long ago but of course, that was when I was side-tracked thanks to feeling down and out.  So I'll share them now!  Since I was pretty bummed back then, one day I came home from work and found this card in my mailbox:

Matt's so silly.  But it still made me smile and cheered me up, especially because the card came in a package that included Melon O's...Mmm...I had said that Melon O's were my favorite (besides Peachie O's, of course) so Matt had to send me some when he found them!  It was nice to know that even if/when we're apart, he was still thinking about me and trying to cheer me up :)

Easter is just around the corner and we're actually getting Good Friday off this year so I can't wait for a long weekend.  Things are still busy but not as terribly crazy as they were last week, so I'm thankful for that.  I love all things Easter - the decor, the candy, the cuteness.  PEEPS, Cadbury mini eggs, and Matt's favorite Cadbury creme eggs.  Matt and I kept our tradition of making each other Easter baskets every year - check them out:

How cute are these, right?  Walgreens has the best Easter stuff sometimes, I swear.  Are you ready for Easter, too?  If not, you better hop to it (sorry for the pun)!

This weekend will be busy, but I'll see about getting another post up soon with the birthday stuff.  I've still been working on my knitting here and there, but I hope to get on a better schedule with the crafty things soon.  After I get home from work, settle in and cook/eat, it's always late before I know it.  Where does the time go?  I have no idea.  But I better find out so I can keep crafting and posting! :)

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