Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #50

Yet another unexciting day!  Sorry things have been pretty lame since I haven't been doing anything but dealing with this Bar stuff.  Once all this is behind me and I can get back on track with life (and crafting!), I promise things will be much more exciting.  Now that I have a new camera, too, I can't wait to fix up my poor Etsy shop with better photos and new items!  Good goals to have for March.

Have I ever shown you my Hamtaro backpack?  How cute is he, right?  Matt's a big baseball card autographing person (for fun, not profit - not that you could make much off it anyway with the usually minor league players he gets).  He heard about this card show that happens in City of Industry so we went one Saturday a few months ago.  I thought it would be lame (I mean really, card shows full of weird collectible people?), but it turned out to be an interesting mish-mosh of people and collectibles.  It was a lot of different vendors at tables and stalls selling anything 'collectible' in nature.  And anything cute and kawaii always catches my attention, of course!

I'm not sure how I forgot about Hamtaro when my sister and I used to watch the cartoon all the time many years ago (or so it feels like).  And when I saw this plush backpack, I knew I had to have him!  We actually thought he was a plush at first but then we realized he was a plush backpack so it was both cute and functional, go figure.  The backpack zipper is a bit smaller than I expected but that's ok, I still think he's adorable.  There were some other neat sellers, and we even got a solar-powered monkey head bobbing figurine...but the monkey is sitting on a toilet reading a newspaper/magazine, HA.  The little Asian lady running that booth was so cute, she tried to sell us stuff for super cheap and even let me pick out a Hello Kitty cell phone charm for free (we chose a Hello Kitty head dressed as a monkey, you know, to stick with the theme). 

Baseball season's just around the corner and I'm sure we'll be back soon.  Since I know what to expect this time around, I think I'll have a sharper eye to look for cute and unique things.  Hopefully my sister and her bf can come with, too, I think they'd find it fun!

Oh, btw, I'll be gone for the next few days taking the (stupid) Bar and I have full faith that the Internet connection at the hotel will be TOO SLOW so it'll be nearly impossible to upload these pics while I'm there.  I'll be back on Thursday so I'll backtrack and update everything then.  See you on the other side! 

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