Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011 photo yearbook project day #42

San Diego Zoo animals want to say hello (and Happy Valentine's Day)!

The elusive porcupine actually woke up and showed off his quills

The (stinky) echidna thought it best to take a nap with his head buried inside a stump

Our favorite pygmy marmoset

Gabby, the white-cheeked gibbon, was high up in the trees poking at leaves but had to drop down by me when she saw me snapping her pic - look at that pose!

Matt and the bonobos, one of his favorite exhibits

Mama hippo Funani and her new baby boy, Adhama - born on Feb. 7!  Adorable.

Giant panda dad and bamboo-eating machine Gao Gao

Super giant panda mom of 5 panda babies Bai Yun....but wait, where's Baby Yun Zi?

Oh no!!  I knew that Bai and Yunior were being separated soon as a part of the final stage of his weaning process, but I didn't realize it happened on Thursday!  I was so bummed not to see him on this visit, but we'll see him again soon.  I hope he's coping well with little separation anxiety without his mama.  Maybe Bai and Gao will have a 6th cub this year?  Hoping so!

Loved the face this youngster made at me, haha

Why such a sourpuss face, big giraffe? :)

Sophia's enclosure mate, a Grants zebra

Sophia!  Named after actress Sophia Loren.  She's a miniature Mediterranean donkey and such a cutie

Spotted the baby Wallaby!  This youngster recently hopped out of his/her mama's pouch - so many babies at the Zoo this year!

We couldn't spot the new koala baby (we think it was a far away hiding and sleepy koala) but I still enjoy the koalas anyway.  The koala will receive his/her name in a few days during Koala-pa-looza at the Zoo.  Fans have been able to vote on 3 names and they'll each be posted on 3 trees and whichever one the mama chooses to climb into on that day will be the baby's name.  Cool, huh?

As usual, the animals were delightful and fun to see.  We saw our previous monkey babies who are all grown up now, too, and even spotted the kiwi bird!  That little guy is always so elusive or sleeping but he was up and about and wondering around like no other in his dark enclosure.  Super cool!  We got a late start to the day but as Zoo members, it's ok.  And I'm sure we'll be back soon and for more photo opportunities :)

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