Friday, December 3, 2010

etsy shop is finally open!

I finally jumped in on Wednesday and made my first Etsy listings!  I figured it was the start of the month and I needed to just go for it.

My pictures even turned out better than I thought.  I decided to use some scarves to lay my items on.  I think the all white background before made my camera go a little crazy but now, the textures and colors helped to make them look more interesting.  The hardest part of the listing was probably coming up with creative listing names and descriptions.  I tried to have fun with it and hopefully it worked.  You can check out what's currently for sale on the Etsy box I added to the right of my blog.  I can't believe I finally did it!  It's pretty cool.

Much to my surprise, as I was still listing, a dear friend of mine purchased two items immediately!  I was (and am) thrilled!!  It was so fun to put together my first order and take it to the post office - I felt like a pro.  I hope I get to do it more soon :)

I still have a couple of ornaments to photograph and list, as well as some jewelry pieces.  I'm waiting for a supply of fabric to come in (I think it's *finally* going to deliver today) and I'm looking forward to doing some embroidery on them for cards, maybe wall hangings (placed on homemade frames).  Tonight, I also thought about making crochet cushions featuring felt/fleece appliques of some of my doodled creations.  And I'd like to make some hair accessories - not sure exactly how or what they'd look like yet, but hopefully they'll be a combination of crochet, embroidery, felt, or organza.  Haha.  One day (soon?) I'd love to make my own crochet patterns as well so I can sell cute crochet things in the shop.  I love amigurumi and crochet scarves so we'll see what magic I can do!  I'm not sure where I ever was before I knew how to glad I stuck with it and made myself learn.  It's so relaxing to crochet while watching TV.  Knitting will come one day, too, maybe next year?  So many ideas to dabble in and I never know where to start :)

I definitely feel more motivated now that the shop is open!  Doing listings is fun and I'd like to offer different items at different price points so the shop will be more accessible to people.  I know how I'm feeling the money crunch and I know a lot of my friends are, too.  I hope I can wake up somewhat early and get the photos/listings out of the way and then actually do some creative stuff in the afternoon.  Yay!

But to commemorate my shop opening, I thought it'd be nice to show the 8 items I listed as my first ever listings (I'm so happy the process wasn't so painful after all).  Here they are!  If you love any of them, 6 are still currently available in my shop ;)

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