Sunday, July 11, 2010

I (heart) the SD Zoo

I love animals and going to the zoo is one of my favorite things.  The bf and I are members of the SD Zoo and we try to go as often as we can (for me to see my precious pandas and for him to see the mischievous monkeys).  We're so spoiled that such an amazing zoo is not that far away for us, it makes for fun weekend getaway trips!  Here are some highlights of animals we love at the Zoo:

Zhen Zhen (3 yrs old and looking just as 'precious' as her name)

Su Lin (4 yrs old, ZZ's older sister and definitely 'a little bit of something cute')

Supermom Bai Yun ('white cloud') and Baby Yun Zi (officially 'son of cloud' but I like to call him King Fluffy Butt)

Baby giraffe

Meerkats - oh so cute!

Sleeping pile of meerkats - just like my hammie girls

Gabby, a red-cheeked Gibbon, just relaxing.  Her parents are Mel Gibbon (yes, seriously) and Tina, who reside at the SD Wild Animal Park

Chuy (pronounced 'Chewy'), Gabby's brother, just hanging around

This Bonobo (unfortunately, I couldn't figure out which one she was from the pictures on the wall) was really loving the crowd gathered around to watch her and when a guy offered his ice cream cone, she kept gesturing and beckoning him to give it/toss it to her!  It was so cool and funny.

A beautiful blue Macaw

A trio of koalas - and the newest baby girl!

There are many peacocks that roam the Zoo freely (you'll often hear them making a lot of noise while you walk around the Zoo).  This lil guy ended up in the rhino pen and got really agitated and foofed up his tailfan for no reason.  Ridiculous.

Pygmy Marmoset - the bf's fav.  Look at how little he is!  It's hard to tell from the picture but he's like a miniature monkey that could fit in the palm of your hand!

A beautiful assortment of flamingos - and flamingo babies (little gray puffs) and eggs in nests!  It must be that time of year!!

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