Wednesday, June 16, 2010

creations on the horizon

I have so many little projects on the horizon (both Bar-wise and crafty-wise) they are in no particular order!

  • Make myself a necklace.  I'm imagining a simple moonstone and red ruby briolette combination - something about the glowing moonstone and the bold red ruby really speaks to me.  And I'd really like to be able to wear something to show off my jewelry-making skills (ha).  This one wouldn't be too flashy as I think the colors will speak for themselves, but I do have some creative designs in mind for others that will hopefully follow suit.
  • Finish Pickles II, the crochet turtle.  Poor lil guy still needs his front arms crocheted, then he needs to be sewn and stuffed.
  • Start the crochet Cleric that M wants so badly.
  • Design and construct a plush version of my lil bao drawing (or some cute plushie of some sort).  I need another little friend.
  • Bend and twist crazy bits of wire into a jewelry tree to hang and organize all of my necklaces.  The ones I've bought AND the ones I'm planning to make.
  • Find a better way to organize all of my fabulous jewelry-making supplies and gorgeous gems. Leaving all of those beauties in plastic bags and random containers just makes me sad (and I can hardly see or find anything when I need!).
  • Make flashcards.
  • Memorize and practice typing out the black letter law.
  • Practice MBEs until my head spins.
No biggie, right?

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