Thursday, April 1, 2010

my first amigurumi

My one non-school related goal for spring break was to learn how to crochet and specifically, to make amigurumi. I own so many books and have so many cute patterns...I wanted to learn how to create these crazy cute creatures. But something about crochet and all those weird instructions really scared me off.

But not anymore!! I spent Sunday afternoon practicing and trying and thanks to a little help from the Internet, I made my first ami! I haven't been so excited about something so simple in so long. My lil turtle is a lil bit crooked and not perfect, but he's perfect to me. He just needs a name...any ideas?

Now I've decided that I'm OBSESSED with ami. I really wish I had more time for ami, jewelry making (to utilize my bead obsession), and drawing. I'm really going to try to set aside some time each week to do some crafty things, just to give my mind a rest from plain vanilla studying and find a way to channel my creativity. My trainer says it's good to work out and tone all the different parts of your body so you're well-rounded, and I think that holds true for your mind, too. It'll be important going into finals and also when studying for the Bar to stay fresh mentally and physically.

Hopefully I can create enough items to get an Etsy shop going, too. I want to share my work with the world, but I'm happy that I finally started a photo album in Facebook to share what I have made already. I love each and every one of my creations, and I hope others will, too :)

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  1. See, I told you that you'd be able to learn how to crochet! And look at how successful you were. No deformed Yamakas! Next project: capelet?